Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Task properties are doing something

On last week, Al helped me to fix the “bug” with python script which turned to be not a bug but simple error.

Also I’ve make a new world initialization script (define_world_empty.py) that creates an empty script. It helps to monitor with cycmd without being spammed with all kind of different event from entities and NPCs from default world. While it is possible create empty world with calling some functions from main define_world.py, I think that having separate script to create empty world, is useful by itself, to serve as a template.

Next, Al made a prototype for some core class that would allow to change task property and I added some logic to it. So now, operation for change of task properties is successfully processed, property changed and exposed back to client.

Next things to do on server side, is to implement filtering to let change only allowed properties, and on client side to make changes in Eris and create widget to select task parameters.

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